Cooper Custom Contracting
May 2, 2017

Art of Acupuncture Charlotte

Client: Art of Acupuncture (Medical, Website design)

Art of Acupuncture Charlotte approached us regarding a redesign of their current website. They wished to make the new site not only responsive but to update the original design to a more modern design. With that in mind I set to making a website that would not only have a more modern, and responsive feel to it but at the same time would create a relaxing design for those visiting the website. It was also very important to make the website easy to use for the average user. Knowing this I put three ctas in the header that would take the user to the most used pages( Contact, FAQ, Phone).

Keeping the clients branding in mind as well as the clients need to incorporate Chinese culture, we came upon a design where we would blend ancient Chinese calligraphy and texts into the background of the site. Doing this helped to give the site a more rustic look while retaining the modern look. This was carried over design wise with fonts that are easy to read at any screen size and responsive imagery that will flow no matter the device the end user is using. On the sub pages it was decided to keep a sidebar menu to make navigating the website even easier. Broken up into their respective sections it makes navigating the site very easy for all age groups. Content has also been reworked on the website with better typography to match the new branding. Overall the client was very pleased with their finished product and has even seen a boost in Google page rankings due to switching over to a responsive design.