Frontier Capital
October 14, 2015
October 14, 2015


Client: Linden Comansa
I was privileged to work with Linden Comansa as a fairly large client at Web Full Circle. As one of the leading crane manufacturers in the world it was a pleasant surprise to find out that we would be handling their website redesign. Besides being a great opportunity to work with an industry I didn't originally know much about, it was pleasing to be able to work on the website that would become the face for their American branch.
Linden Comansa came through in the fact that they were willing to allow us a team to stretch our design skills. Using the most modern practices for web design and UX we where able to craft an experience that I feel is unique to Linden Comansa. Using the beautiful images provided we where able to craft the client a clean and functional website that was as pleasant to the eye as it was informative. We were also able to make this website responsive for the mobile users that would be visiting the website.